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Dec 2, 2013

Anterior Compartment Sydrome

The muscles in the lower leg are divided into a number of compartments encased by thick connective tissue. Within these ‘compartments’ sits muscles, nerves and blood vessels. The anterior compartment is located at the front of the outside of the shin bone (tibia)

Typically when we exercise, blood flow to our muscles increases to meet the energy requirements of the working muscles. This increased flow causes the muscles to ‘swell’. In the situation where there is not enough room in the compartment to accommodate the increase in muscle volume, inter-compartmental pressure rises which can produce pain. 


  • Pain (aching, cramping) at the front of the shin felt to the outside of the shin bone
  • Generally pain is only felt during exercise and ceases when exercise stops (as the pressure within the compartment returns to normal)
  • In some cases sensations of numbness, weakness or pins and needles can be experienced in the lower leg and foot.

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