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Jul 30, 2014

Yoga vs Pilates. Is one better?

I get asked this question ALL the time from my client and honestly I sometimes find myself not really knowing which to suggest as there is no straightforward absolutely correct answer. Both forms of exercise have many positives and from a clinical point of view I don’t think either is necessarily superior to the other.

Some would say it’s a head to head battle between strength & stretching BUT I tend to disagree. I’m certainly no yogi or a Pilates guru but I have done a little of both and I would say there is definitely a strength & flexibility component to both styles. The main difference I believe lies in what not only your body but your mind will get out of each session.

Yoga is one of the most widely practiced exercise forms in the world, it’s said to help with uniting the mind, body & spirit to restore balance and harmony within the body. I would say it’s somewhat therapeutic for many, if done correctly it facilitates awareness about alignment, posture and imbalances within the body. There are many styles of yoga with choice purely a matter of personal preference.


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Jun 30, 2013

The Dynamic Duo - Why a calcium / magnesium balance is essential to our health

A while back I wrote a blog about magnesium and the important role it plays in many of our bodily functions. And all of this still holds true, magnesium is arguably the MASTER nutrient. BUT now thanks to my mother (and a little extra research on the side) I have realised that getting sufficient magnesium intake is a little more complicated than taking a tablet before bed. In the process she has quite possibly found the missing puzzle piece to my night cramping conundrum.

The body is impeccably designed, so much so that everything requires a balance. Too much of one thing inhibits absorption of another etc etc. When it comes to magnesium, one must consider its relationship to calcium. Most of us know that calcium is VITAL to the health of our teeth and bones. But calcium cannot act alone, it needs magnesium. These two minerals need to co-exist together to allow many critical bodily functions to take place. Too little of one or too much of another can lead to many health consequences!


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Jun 5, 2013

Sauna Sessions. For your Mind, Body and Soul

Sauna’s have never really been my thing… I hate being uncomfortably hot and sweaty, it makes me feel slightly hysterical and almost claustrophobic. So you can imagine I wasn’t so keen on the idea of using it as a mode of ‘recovery’ for my body!

For a good year my personal trainer has been at me to try hitting the sauna on a Sunday morning, merely as a way of ‘detoxifying’ my body for the week that has been.

Last Sunday, when torrential rain hit Sydney I decided to ditch the running shoes and hit the sauna to see exactly what all the fuss was about.

The verdict……… AMAZING!

So now that I’m potentially converted to this ritual I did a little research and saunas are seriously good for your health on all levels and can be used on a regular basis as a little TLC for our mind, body and soul!


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Feb 24, 2013

Why you should set a date with Yoga

I have done a little bit of yoga in my time, and by a little I mean I could probably count the number of classes on two hands. So really I’m a dead set amateur.

Yoga draws upon a completely different type of strength and mindset than that needed to run 10km or lift heavy weights in the gym. And this form of training is so important when it comes to balancing your body.It’s no suprise that some of the in the class struggling the most were the biggest, muscliest guys who probably spend alot more time in the weights room than working on the flexibility side of their training.


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