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Sep 3, 2014

The importance of 'post race' nutrition

You finally did it….. you are a finisher… you can’t get that shiny medal around your neck fast enough…. and yes you will wear it (along with your race bib) around for the rest of the day, just so everyone knows….. that you did it. (that is totally me)

It’s a pretty good feeling crossing the finish line of a fitness challenge you have spent weeks training for. It’s relief, exhaustion and a whole lot of satisfaction all bundled into one.

You catch your breath, find your feet, collect your thoughts. Now what?

Well for me the first thing on my mind always is FOOD. Post-race nutrition is really important when it comes to how well your body will bounce back. Not only do your muscles need nutrients to help with repair and recovery BUT you sure as hell deserve to reward yourself with a little bit of a feast.


Looking for some great nutritious food ideas? Check out NOURISHMENT BOWL

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Aug 13, 2013

5 ways to give your sore, aching muscles some TLC

Were you one of the 85,000 Sydney siders that took to the streets yesterday to participate in one of our nation’s most famous foot races?

A windey, up and down 14km track from leafy green Hyde Park to picturesque Bondi Beach. We were blessed with a delightfully sunny winters day.. From the pro’s to the novice runner; there were superhero’s; fairies; mums and bubs; and an unusual abundance of the latest it garment the ‘onsie’! It’s one of those days where just about anything goes, and most defiantly the only day of the year topless smurfs are allowed to run a muck in Bondi’s best pub the Beach Road Hotel!

So you finished the race and of course immediately, in true City 2 Surf tradition, headed straight for the nearest watering hole… and no I’m not referring to the sandy shorelines but rather the closest pub serving ice cold beer! Re-hydration is the key to recovery right?

A lot of the time muscle soreness following exercise that you are not usually accustomed too simply requires time. Unfortunately boy and girls this post exercise soreness tends to be worst 48 hours post exercise so if you are struggling today, don’t expect too feel much better tomorrow…BUT it’s all downhill from there I promise.

Despite feeling a little worse for wear today there are a few little things you can do to give those sore aching limbs some TLC. (READ FULL BLOG HERE)

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Jul 8, 2013

Are you guilty of 'overtraining'?

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt over the last year is that conditioning requires a balance between training and rest. At the end of the day rest is almost just as important as a regular exercise routine. If you don’t allow time for your muscles to repair and recover not only will your results plateau, weight loss will stall, you may begin to feel un-motivated, you won’t workout to your full potential and you will put yourself at higher risk of injury!

Put simply hard training sessions break you down, make you weaker. Rest allows repair, recovery and rejuvenation. An imbalance = lack of rejuvenation and drop in performance. You will have stressed your body beyond its capacity to recover resulting in a collection of emotional, physical and often psychological symptoms that are just NOT YOU.

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Jun 5, 2013

Sauna Sessions. For your Mind, Body and Soul

Sauna’s have never really been my thing… I hate being uncomfortably hot and sweaty, it makes me feel slightly hysterical and almost claustrophobic. So you can imagine I wasn’t so keen on the idea of using it as a mode of ‘recovery’ for my body!

For a good year my personal trainer has been at me to try hitting the sauna on a Sunday morning, merely as a way of ‘detoxifying’ my body for the week that has been.

Last Sunday, when torrential rain hit Sydney I decided to ditch the running shoes and hit the sauna to see exactly what all the fuss was about.

The verdict……… AMAZING!

So now that I’m potentially converted to this ritual I did a little research and saunas are seriously good for your health on all levels and can be used on a regular basis as a little TLC for our mind, body and soul!


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May 5, 2013

PART 2: Are you eating right on game day?

Last week we posted part one of ‘are you eating right on game day?’ a little nutritional insight to ensure you’re fueling your body with the right things to perform at your best! If you missed out last week check out part 1 HERE

This is part two, touching on protein powders, hydration and post match recovery. Yes beers are allowed but there are a few other things to do to make sure you don’t pull up on Sunday too worse for wear!

Protein powders which one and when? whey isolate is the fastest and most complete amino acid pool of all types of proteins,

Hydration: water, water and more water. No sports drinks please! While they can be useful in replenishing and rehydrating they are generally full of sugar and additive.


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