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Apr 7, 2013

EastSports Physio now offering Shock Wave Therapy

Is chronic tendonitis plaguing you? Pain stopping you from exercising or playing sport?
Have you tried EVERYTHING possible?

What about Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Therapy?

EastSports Physiotherapy are now using Shock Wave Therapy to treat a range of chronic tendinopathies such as Achillies tendonitis, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and patella tendonitis.

Tendonitis is a notoriously difficult problem to treat, with some cases taking 6-9 months or longer to resolve. This is because in such cases we are not dealing with pure inflammation but rather the tendon has undergone degenerative changes resulting in cell damage and small microtears within the tendon.

We understand this can be a hugely frustrating process for our patients who just want to be pain free and able to get back to their exercise routine. Shock Wave Therapy is a treatment  method that is growing in popularity and research is showing it can assist with speeding up the recovery process from these ever stubborn conditions!


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