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Jun 24, 2014

Have you injured your meniscus?

The knee is of the most commonly injured areas in the body. Generally we see a pretty even spread between acute knee injuries sustained from a traumatic event such as during sport or from a trip or fall; on the other hand we have the overuse knee problems…. the runners that pump out a huge amount of km per week resulting to overload or inflammation of some of the structures in and around the knee.

The meniscus or menisci (we have two in each knee) and one of the internal cartilages within the knee joint that can be prone to injury both acutely and as a result of overuse.

The menisci are moon shaped cartilages that are located in the knee. They are the ‘shock absorbers’ which permit us to undertake such high intensity and high impact activities. (READ FULL BLOG HERE)

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Dec 26, 2012

Cricketer's Side Strain: why its sidelining our fast bowlers

In Australia summer means alot of things; beach, BBQ’s, sunshine, mangoes... BUT if your truly Australian Summer means cricket... and lots of it! As a physio I’m always interested in the injuries that athletes in different sports suffer. If you have read the sports section of any paper recently you will more than likely have read something on ‘cricketers side strain’. Some are referring to it as a ‘right of passage’ as a young fast bowler to suffer from this injury. Take youngster James Pattison for example who left the field early on the 3rd day of the second test in Adelaide, the most probable diagnosis a side strain, or Ben Hilfenhaus ruled out on the 3rd day in Hobart with a similar injury. Peter Siddle, Jason Gillespie, Brett Lee, Glen McGrath have all suffered this injury at least once in their career.


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