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Aug 5, 2014

Your City 2 Surf 'preparation' guide

Isn’t it so EXCITING that City 2 Surf is only 5 days away!?! It’s easily the best day on Sydney’s fitness calendar & my favourite day of the year to run a muck (literally) in Bondi. For me this day marks the beginning of the end of winter… It’s usually always sunny, people rock bright clothing & some of the most incredible costumes, there is music, people dancing, face paint & people lining the sidewalk cheering the runners on. It’s almost as if for a day everyone in Sydney is one big happy fun fit family!

So many of you have been training for this day, getting up early & braving the cold for early morning running sessions and heartbreak hill sprints. This weekend you get to see all of your hard work pay off & then there is the celebratory breakfast (or brunch) with a few celebratory beverages of course! Nothing says congratulations like a jug of fresh Pimms punch!

When it comes to being prepared, what you do over the next 5 days is almost as important as what you have done for the last 6 weeks. Don’t fall off the wagon in the home straight, just follow these couple of basic tips so you are super super prepared come Sunday.


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Jul 2, 2014

Counting down to the City 2 Surf

It’s that time of the year again…. The foot race that stops a nation…and by nation I mean thousands and thousands of Sydneysiders.

It’s one of the most renowned fitness events on the running calendar, boasting 14 grueling km through the winding hills of the Sydney’s eastern suburbs. It also just happens to be one of my favourite days of the year. Over the past few years I traded in my running shoes for blue body paint and a smurf outfit, choosing to cheer people from the sidelines with beverage in hand rather than actually run the race. This year however, I’ve signed up to the pain train.

For many preparation for the big day is well and truly underway; for those of you a little more like me plans to prepare are in place but the actual act of it hasn’t quite started yet. Don’t stress, yesterday marked 6 weeks till the run and that is more than enough time to get some miles in those legs and make sure you are more than ready on race day.


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Apr 7, 2014

5 of the best workouts to get your ticker going

Are you sick of spending hours slugging it out at the gym? Feel like  you ‘don’t have time’ to workout effectively? Would you like to burn some serious calories in just 30 minutes?

Yes all of the above is possible. In fact its proven to be better for you to perform shorter workouts at a higher intensity. Imagine if you could squeeze a killer workout into your lunch break so you could be home every night to tuck your kids into bed? That’s some serious brownie points with the wives fellas…

How? Well I’m glad you asked….. Here are 5 of my absolute favourite workouts to get a serious sweat in a short space of time. I’ve mixed it up a little with some weights and cardio ideas for you!

1. STAIRS: One of the easiest and most challenging cardio workouts you can done. This is always a go to for me when I’m traveling… hotels have stairs & lots of them! 30 minutes of solid stair running is a gets the ticker going but also uses all those ‘big muscles’.. think glutes, hamstrings, quads which is a great way to sculpt those pins. Ladies do you want long lean legs?

(Read full post HERE)

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Feb 5, 2014

Why TRX training is 'trending'

There is always new ‘trends’ when it comes to the health and fitness industry… whether its dance style aerobics, crossfit, hip hop yoga ‘raves’ or high intensity interval training. When push comes to shove most of these varieties of training have positives and negatives; some more positives than others of course depending on what you are aiming to achieve with your health and fitness goals.

Suspension training or TRX as many people know it was created by the NAVY seal as a form of ‘functional training’ that allowed the troops to stay in shape wherever they were in the world. Our bodies were designed to move and shake in many different planes. In the past traditional weights training has seen very linear almost robotic movement patterns based around machines that allow a single joint to move in a single plane.The body needs to be trained as the body shall be used!

What does suspension training involve? TRX training moves the body in many planes integrating fluid motion and ‘real life’ movement patterns. The main idea behind this form of training is using our body weight to determine the resistance level depending on how close or how far away you are from the anchor point. This allows you to easily control and manipulate the difficulty and intensity of the workout.



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Nov 5, 2013

Want to be a better surfer?

My boss is a surf addict. Literally. It’s obvious from the moment you walk through the doors of the physio practice; surfing shots litter each and every wall, surfing magazines are front and centre in the waiting room and most of the patients come armed with an up to date surf report about which beach has the most ‘pumping’ waves just in case we have a few hours off over lunch! I personally couldn’t call myself a surfer; Among surfers I’d be known as a ‘gremmie’ or a really bad surfer. Sure I can stand up and catch a wave on a ‘foamie’ but then again I’m pretty sure Ross’s 7 year old daughter can do that too so I’m not getting too excited. It’s on my bucket list.

Surfing, like any sport requires a certain level of fitness, strength and ‘stability’ in order to meet the demands placed on your body. Have you ever actually tried to duck dive under a huge swell of white wash? It’s not exactly a walk in the park especially when you have to do it half a dozen times each time you paddle out. I guess the point I’m trying to make here is a lot of people assume going surfing for a few hours is an activity of leisure, when really it’s a pretty challenging workout, particularly if the surf is pumping and you’re carving heaps of gnarly barrels. (I’m so onto this surf lingo)

Do you want to be a better surfer? Then it’s time you conditioned your body to be one.

Want to know how? READ FULL BLOG HERE

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Oct 17, 2013

HIIT your fitness peak this summer

I was chatting away on the phone to my darling mother the other day about this, that and the other when our conversation took its usual progression onto health / medical related topics. Mum always has some insightful new information about the latest study or trend in the medical world to share with me and it’s often something obscure like how mushrooms can actually provide humans with their daily vitamin D requirements. This particular calls topic was high intensity interval training and for the first time I think I was actually more knowledgeable on the topic that mum was.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of exercise that is growing in popularity in the fitness industry. No one has time to be slogging it out at the gym for 2 hours every day, which I guess is a good thing because research now shows that just 20- 30 minutes of high intensity exercise is actually better for you, both for fat loss and cardiovascular gains!

What does this form of training involve? If you think about it it’s kind of self explanatory… Short bouts of HIGH (not medium) intensity work where you literally bust your guts and push yourself to your limits, followed by a short period of rest and away you go again. The work to rest ratio is the key component of the training and it will be determined by what you are setting out to achieve.



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Jan 31, 2013

The latest fitness fad.. Have you tried SUP'ing?

In the early 2000s some Hawaiian blokes decided that standing up on their surfboards on flat water with a paddle would be a great way of developing their surfing skills when the surf was flat. 10 years later its emerged as a global phenomenen thats taken to our shores as the latest and greatest fitness fad. Stand up paddleboarding or SUP'ing for short is a great way to add a little zest to your boring, monotonous exercise program, and the what better way to do it than in your bikini on a hot summers day!


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Jan 24, 2013

Why pre-season training is important.

Yep It’s preseason… that time of the year where you dig out your muddy old footy boots, lace them up and head to training. The worst part about it is it normally involves ALOT of fitness, beep tests, hill sprints, time trials etc etc. And I can’t even imagine what the first session of full contact is like.

Training in the 6-8 weeks prior to a season is crucial not only to the sucess of the athlete but to that of the team. So why is pre-season important? (READ FULL BLOG HERE)

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Jul 30, 2012

Why Swimming is great for your health

It's finally beginning to feel like we are teetering on the edge of some warm, sunny weather..... I hope!  The mornings are getting slightly lighter, albeit still a bit nippy.. BUT it’s not too early to start thinking about making a splash and introducing some swimming into your exercise regime.

There is a general consensus that swimming is an ineffective form of exercise when compared to weights training or running, but it all comes down to what you're trying to achieve.

If weight loss is your sole goal, then I would tend to agree that swimming may not be the best way to shed some kilos, but for maintaining fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle swimming is a perfect cross training activity. You don’t have to rely on it exclusively!


Not convinced?

  1. Its easy on our joints: Unlike pounding the pavement the buoyancy of water counteracts the effect of gravity, making swimming a low impact exercise form that’s great for your joints. When you're completely immersed in water, you're only responsible for 10% of your body weight, the pool takes care of the other 90%. This is extremely important as we get older and we begin to develop wear and tear particularly of our weight-bearing joints such as our knees.
  2. Healthy Heart: Yes swimming is great for our ticker! and an excellent form of aerobic conditioning for our entire cardiopulmonary (heart and lungs) system.
  3. Strong Spine: Swimming conditions certain muscle groups that are important in maintaining posture, particularly those around the shoulder and through the mid back.
  4. Weight Loss: you can make swimming an incredibly challenging workout. Add in some intervals, mix up the strokes and use your kick board and pool buoy to get a full body workout that can burn some serious calories.
  5. Tones your muscles: Water is denser than air, just to propel yourself though it you are working against resistance which does wonders for your upper body tone. ( Girls don't worry you WILL NOT get big broad shoulders from swimming 1-2 x per week)
  6. Makes you longer and leaner: Swimming requires the co-activation of many different muscle groups and can assist in stretching out some of the short dense muscles that we build during weight training.
  7. Asthma sufferer? The moist environment can help reduce exercise induced asthma with some studies showing an improvement in the overall condition by encouraging breathing control and improving lung function.
  8. Muscle recovery: Following a land workout doing an easy swim session can help assist with muscle recovery and relaxation and can also reduce post exercise soreness.
  9. Rehabilitation: Pool based activity and swimming is often a great rehabilitation exercise for people recovering from certain injuries such as knee surgery or a back injury. (Speak to your physiotherapist if this applies to you)

Not sure where to swim?  Don't let the weather spoil the fun, Cook and Phillip and Macquarie University are two great indoor facilities. If your lucky enough to be a member of Royal Sydney or the SFS both pools are heated and open all year round. For those brave enough Bondi Icebergs is an option, its cold and sometimes a little choppy... And when its open Boy Charlton provides a picturesque start to the morning!

So as the mercury rises this summer make a splash in a pool near you! You may actually enjoy it...

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