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Aug 5, 2014

Your City 2 Surf 'preparation' guide

Isn’t it so EXCITING that City 2 Surf is only 5 days away!?! It’s easily the best day on Sydney’s fitness calendar & my favourite day of the year to run a muck (literally) in Bondi. For me this day marks the beginning of the end of winter… It’s usually always sunny, people rock bright clothing & some of the most incredible costumes, there is music, people dancing, face paint & people lining the sidewalk cheering the runners on. It’s almost as if for a day everyone in Sydney is one big happy fun fit family!

So many of you have been training for this day, getting up early & braving the cold for early morning running sessions and heartbreak hill sprints. This weekend you get to see all of your hard work pay off & then there is the celebratory breakfast (or brunch) with a few celebratory beverages of course! Nothing says congratulations like a jug of fresh Pimms punch!

When it comes to being prepared, what you do over the next 5 days is almost as important as what you have done for the last 6 weeks. Don’t fall off the wagon in the home straight, just follow these couple of basic tips so you are super super prepared come Sunday.


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Jul 2, 2014

Counting down to the City 2 Surf

It’s that time of the year again…. The foot race that stops a nation…and by nation I mean thousands and thousands of Sydneysiders.

It’s one of the most renowned fitness events on the running calendar, boasting 14 grueling km through the winding hills of the Sydney’s eastern suburbs. It also just happens to be one of my favourite days of the year. Over the past few years I traded in my running shoes for blue body paint and a smurf outfit, choosing to cheer people from the sidelines with beverage in hand rather than actually run the race. This year however, I’ve signed up to the pain train.

For many preparation for the big day is well and truly underway; for those of you a little more like me plans to prepare are in place but the actual act of it hasn’t quite started yet. Don’t stress, yesterday marked 6 weeks till the run and that is more than enough time to get some miles in those legs and make sure you are more than ready on race day.


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Aug 5, 2012

Inside Lara Tamsett's City 2 Surf preparations and more...

It’s now just under a week until one of the most popular footraces on the planet... City 2 Surf. Last week we caught up with local running talent Lara Tamsett, winner of the 2010 City 2 Surf, to chat about her raceday preparations and what is in store for her over the coming years.

Lara unfortunately had to withdraw from this race last year due to injury. This year she is back, in form and looking to reclaim the title to this prestigious event.

City 2 Surf is only 2 weeks away,  is your training in full swing?

Lara: "It is indeed! City to Surf is a big focus for me this year, so I am training hard for it"

You had a series of injuries last year that forced you out of several events including city to surf. How did you mentally and physically deal with these injuries?

Lara: "Injuries are always tough for a sportsperson, both mentally and physically. Not only is it disappointing to miss out on competitions you had been planning for, but it is also difficult to suddenly stop doing something you love and are use to doing on a daily basis. I dealt with the injury physically by going to the Physio regularly and being religious everyday with my rehab exercises. Most importantly, I completely stopped running for 3 months to ensure I allowed my body to recover and heal properly. Mentally, I distracted myself with different things. I tried new types of exercise to keep my fitness levels up (and also for my mental sanity!), and it was nice to have more time for socialising!"

What's the difference between competing in races such as the City 2 Surf compared with the World Championships?

Lara: "Although World Championship events are more highly regarded in the running world, the City to Surf is a huge event in terms of the publicity and exposure it can generate for you. So in a way (although one is a fun-run), I regard both type of races to be of equal significance"

 In the week leading up to a race how do you prepare?

Lara: "The week before a race I will taper my training. This means doing less kilometres, and I often incorporate a day of complete rest to ensure my legs feel fresh on race day"

Your currently a 10km specialist. Do you see yourself staying with this distance or pursuing the longer distance events?

Lara: "I love the 10km, but I do see myself pursuing the longer events. I believe I will eventually be a marathon runner, but plan to progress slowly over the next few years". 

Long distance running is a gruelling, physically demanding sport. How do you look after the nutrition/health side of your training?

Lara: "I eat pretty healthily, and try to fuel myself with foods that are going to help me get the most out of training. This means lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrate in every meal. I also snack a lot and incorporate a recovery drink into days when I have a big session. Furthermore, I add to my diet with a number of vitamins, minerals and health supplements"

What food do you like to reward yourself with after a big event or training session?

Lara: "I generally try to put in something that will help me recover from a hard session or race, such as a recovery protein drink, or a good meal high in protein (for example, I love going out for breakfast after training on the weekend, and will get a few eggs and pieces of toast into me). If I feel like rewarding myself with something sweet, it will most likely be gelato from Messina (which I'm obsessed with!)"

When your not training or competing what do you do with yourself?

Lara: "When I'm not training, competing or traveling for running, you'll find me at Uni trying to gradually chip away at my Media and Communication degree. I also spend a lot of time with my family, friends and boyfriend-they are the most important things in my life, so I always make sure I make time for them"

Who is one person in your life that has helped you get where you are today?

Lara: "Oh there are quite a few I could pick from! But I'd have to say my coach, Sean Williams. Without his support and guidance over the last decade, I doubt I would be where I am today"

What are your aspirations for the coming years. Do you see yourself in Rio in 2016?

Lara: "I would love to make Rio in 2016 - this is definitely a big goal for me. Before then, I am also aspiring to make the World Championships in Moscow next year, and the Commonwealth Games in Scotland in 2014"

And lastly what's your one tip for competitors racing in the 2012 Sun Herald City 2 Surf?

Lara: "To make sure you feel in control at half way i.e. after Heartbreak Hill. This means going out conservatively, so as to ensure you have something left in the tank for the second half of he race"

Wishing Lara all the best for next Sunday's big race!

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