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Aug 10, 2012

Tips to surviving City2Surf

Raceday is almost upon us. Its just 2 sleeps to the 2012 City2Surf, and for many this can mean the end to months of early morning training sessions and gruelling heartbreak hill sprints. Don’t let all this preparation come undone by not being organised!

Sunday morning will be CHAOTIC.. that really is the only work for the thousands of runners that will be congregating on mass in Hyde park waiting for the starters gun to get their pack on the move.

Follow these few simple tips to avoid any last minute unnecessary stresses.

  1. Raceday Pack: Get the essential admin out of the way before leaving home. Fasten your bib securely to the front of your shirt as you wont be allowed into the start arena without it!
  2. Hydrate: Ensure you have adequate water on board pre race and also make use of the water stations throughout the course. When you sweat you lose vital electrolytes and vitamins that you need to make sure you replace! Only after you have consumed a sports drink or hydration gel of some description can you line up for your first beer!
  3. Fuel Up:  Eat your last big meal about 12 hours before your race.. yes this is the perfect time for a large bowl of pasta with your favourite sauce (probably best to avoid creamy ones here).  On the morning of a race you should eat something at least an hour before. Try something high in carbohydrate, and avoid oily foods that can be slow to digest!
  4. Dress appropriately. Sydneysiders the weather forecast isn’t favourable an estimated chilly 17 degrees and showers! But remember; always dress as if it’s about 15 degrees warmer, as your body temperature will rise as you run. Just make sure you have something warm to put on at the end of the race.  Wear tried and tested clothing; this is not the day to experiment with your newest funky runners!
  5. Warm up: prepare your muscles for what you are about to put them through. Stretch important muscles groups including hamstrings, calves and quadriceps. Be limber but don’t ware yourself out before the start.
  6. Pace yourself: It’s very easy to get caught up with the hype at the start line. Set your own pace, don’t use all your energy at the start of the race... you still have heartbreak hill to conquer.
  7. Killer playlist: If your like me, running does not take place without some seriously good tunes pumping in my ears. Lose yourself in the music but stay aware of other runners around you!

And finally....Look for the smurfs: As you wind into rose bay make sure you collect an energy drink from your favourite blue smurf! They will be dancing the day away just across from Pier restaurant!

City 2 Surf is easily one of the greatest days Bondi has to offer, enjoy and endulge yourself post race with delicious food and a beverage or two! Fingers crossed for some sunshine.

Good Luck Runners!

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