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Jun 13, 2012

Mens Health Week

Girls whether we like it or not, men play a large part in most of our lives.

Mum certainly doesn’t sneak me a cheeky $50 under the table at family lunch, and my big brother is definitely the best person I know to go to for advice. And the boyfriend, well he gets the mood swings, PMS and emotional outbursts, which is more than enough for one male to handle!

Let’s face it we all rely on a male counterpart in some way shape or form at some stage. The alarming news is we females are all living longer than our male companions. Statistically speaking male life expectancy in Australia is 79 compared with 84 for females. There is a smorgasbord of reasons that contribute to this single statistic. When you deconstruct it; men are 5 times more likely to take their own life and 3 times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident. Men are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviour and hold more dangerous jobs. More than half of male premature deaths are preventable. So why aren’t we preventing them?

Men’s Health Week takes place annually as a celebration of the positive roles men and boys play within our society. It’s also about raising awareness and encouraging men to be more proactive about looking after their health and wellbeing.

Around Australia events are taking place each day for Men’s Health Week.

  • If you’re a Sydney Suit rule off a long lunch break this Friday 15th and take part in the City Mile Dash, a 1.6km sprint to help fight against testicular and ovarian cancer.
  • If you’re lucky enough to be my parents and reside in the chilly Southern Highlands, the Men’s Health Expo takes place on Saturday 16th
  • If you prefer Paddington bowls on a sunny Sunday afternoon for a beer, you can join barefoot bowls for bereaved dads on the 17th.

There are events for everyone and the full list can be found here:

In celebration of this week the “what’s your score?” survey has been created to encourage men to begin thinking more about preventative health. I took this test (yes I’m not a male, but I was curious) and my number was 57/90 meaning there is definite room for improvement when it comes to looking after my health, and I’m only 23.

Uncles, big brothers, dads, grandfathers... Take the test and get a checkup!

Guys it’s time to take care of yourselves, get on top of your health and set an example for younger boys that look up to you. Remember your health doesn’t just affect you!

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